The future of education is in your hands!

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Our goal

We support meaningful educational initiatives and learning communities that redesign society.

Our mission

We unite narratives of transformation in education.

Our vision

We give people around the world access to transformative knowledge.

Share your Love

Tell your friends about EDUshifts and share it in your networks. It’s a start of an exciting movement. And you can be part of it!

Outlook to the Future

What do we see for the future?

EDUshifts is highlighting a vibrant ecosystem of innovations and solutions in education. We believe in changing the world through education. We understand that offering a more democratic and accessible educational paradigm can broaden the world of people who do not have an opportunity to study.

This, in turn, helps diminish social inequalities, creating more value in society. The shift in the educational paradigm is also beneficial to those who did have access to the education in a traditional format, but who feel that there are current social and professional needs and gaps that the traditional model is not able to bridge.

Why we are doing this

Solutions to transform education do exist. Joint actions, shared resources, learning environments and educative communities are becoming crucial for preserving peace, hope and dignity. It is important for such knowledge to be applicable to our current needs. Hence, we create a united narrative of the transformation in education.

Who it is for

The EDUshifts movement is for those who wish to rethink the way we “do” education around the world, and for those who want to see more leaders asking questions about the future of education. It is for those who understand there must be a better way to educate future generations and for humans to coexist with nature on this planet.

Transforming society means transforming education. Transforming education means breaking patterns and realities that we have been building up for centuries. Does it sound like something you’d be part of? Do you want to share your story? Then click here.